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Coaching Process: Meet, Reveal, Align, Act
It is important to note that this is not a coaching programme intended to focus on an individual. It is designed to build teams who have an awareness of their strengths, developmental points and support them through any change process.

The Coaching Process

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I have been in teaching for over 20 years and have worked in a range of settings across a number of countries. During this time, I have held different positions of responsibility both pastorally and academically. I have been a Boarding Mistress, subject leader, year leader, assistant head and am now the
Head of Primary at British School Muscat. Until taking on this recent leadership post, I remained a full time class teacher.

Throughout my career I have worked with children, and young adults, to help them navigate their way through their school experience and develop strong relationships with their peers and adults around them. In order to do this, I employed some of the key skills of coaching such as listening to understand, reading the emotional field and working towards shared goals and alignment.

In June 2021, I began to take a formal ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) course called ‘Fundamentals’ with CRR Global. This was an intensive 2 day (virtual) introduction to relationship coaching. Incorporating the skills learnt, within those 2 days, into my daily practice was empowering.

I think it was then that I was ‘hooked’! Over the next 4 months I undertook a further series of robust training courses (Intelligence, Geography, Path and Systems Integration) which involved attendance at the training, open book exams and coaching of teams. This training culminated in me receiving my ORSC trained badge and I am now able to begin the Certification Course.

and that is where you come in


Within this 8 month accreditation course, there are a number of skills and objectives which must be covered. One component of the program is the completion of 100 hours of coaching. This should begin between 24 March and 20 April 2022. I will be expected to work with a number of different teams and relationships and can determine the length of time that each coaching team would need.

As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I am a part of the Oman Coaching Chapter and take part in weekly training sessions to ensure that I am able to use the skills I have learnt to support the needs of the teams I work with. When you join the ICF there is a Code of Ethics which I agree to adhere to during any coaching work I complete. These ethical standards include a confidentiality agreement which is there to ensure your teams feel confident working together
with a coach outside of your organisation.

Suggested models of coaching we provide:

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